The Simpson Protocol

As a healer, I have searched for and studied many alternative healing modalities for decades in an attempt to find effective, gentle and rapid healing methods that work on all levels and on all issues from the physical to the spiritual. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that I have found the Unicorn of Holistic Healing! I present to you the Simpson Protocol hypnosis method! I am in absolute awe of the scope and depth of this form of hypnosis!  It goes above and beyond any other hypnosis system that I have ever heard of. The Simpson Protocol is so effective because it engages the unlimited power of your Superconscious Mind. 

The Superconscious Mind is sometimes called the Higher Self or Higher Mind. The famous psychic Edgar Casey worked with his Higher Self during his channeling sessions. 

And the best part is I do not need to know what you want to work on. Your session can be completely private. Also, your own Superconscious Mind will decide how many sessions you need.

From Ines Simpson, creator of The Simpson Protocol; 

"The Simpson Protocol (SP) is a tool that allows the client’s Conscious mind to relax and step aside so that their Super-conscious (whatever that may be – but it seems to be – the most powerful mind of minds, that is also the most knowing) can work freely and completely -to the benefit of the Client’s optimum Good.

This technique represents a profound breakthrough in Hypnosis. It has already begun to revolutionize therapies to individualize them for each client by allowing each client’s Super-Conscious Mind to do the work. This is done by continuing to communicate with the Hypnotist while the client is in the deeper states, the client can do their own inner work with the direction of the Hypnotist to help them resolve whatever issue that is disturbing them". 

“I use SP for whatever issue walks through my  office door. Someone said SP is like the Swiss Army knife for Hypnosis – and I don't think so – the Swiss Army knife does lots of things – and all of them badly. Using SP I find every issue is worked at the highest level and produces the best outcome, regardless of the issue”.  

"Importantly, this takes the Hypnotist’s conscious mind out of the equation and allows the client’s own mental assets to do the evaluation and the change work from within. This is a much purer means of bringing about an accurate and correct change for the specific issue in each client and is client centered which empowers the client.

The key to Simpson Protocol is that the Hypnotist is able to communicate with their Client while they are in very deep states of Hypnosis (Esdaile for example) – thus accessing the most powerful parts of their mind – that always work for the Client’s ultimate good.

The Clients do their own inner work with the direction of the Hypnotist to help them resolve whatever issue that is disturbing them". 

I am now offering Simpson Protocol sessions via Zoom or Skype.