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“Sheila is a magnificent hypnotherapist. Her sensitivity serves her and her clients well. I have had the pleasure of practising with her as students together in both advanced Simpson Protocol, as well as, Past Life Regression training

I can honestly say that no other hypnotist has taken me as deep as Sheila has. I highly recommend her services. She is as warm and approachable as she is skilled. 

~Patricia Meier

"Reverend Sheila Scott is a kind, compassionate and patient person. Through her hypnosis technique, she has helped me resolve emotional/family issues and, most recently, was able to stop a vertigo episode that I had been suffering from for weeks (after a single session)! This allowed me to stop taking my vertigo medication. I am so grateful to her for this.

Reverend Scott is highly educated in her field and is the "real deal". I can't recommend her enough! 

~Susan Kronick    

This summer, I have been suffering from very bad eczema as well as Arthritis in my legs. After just two sessions with Rev Sheila in this special hypnosis, my eczema is barely there and I am walking without a cane for the first time in months. Actually, I am feeling very well throughout my whole body.

Thank you, Rev. Sheila.

Wishing you all the best,

~Erma MacDonald

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