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Hypnotherapy is often overlooked as an effective way to aid conception.

There has been a wealth of research in recent years proving the benefits of using Mind/Body techniques to enhance fertility. Hypnosis can increase natural conception by 50%.

Presently 1 IN 6 couples have problems conceiving. There are many potential reasons for this with our 21st century lifestyle making it more difficult for conception.

Simpson Protocol (SP) hypnosis can play a positive role in enhancing fertility. It is a unique approach whereby your own Superconscious Mind alone or combined with medical procedures produces impressive results, even those for whom assisted methods have failed. The Simpson Protocol is a powerful method that requires no drugs or expensive equipment, giving you every possible chance of conception. SP can be used in conjunction with other procedures or on their own.

Did you know that 40% of fertility problems is due to male infertility and that the Simpson Protocol can help with this too? Its true, SP hypnosis can be used to enhance male fertility.

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