HYPNOSIS HEALS! 

Thank you for visiting my website. I am delighted to be able to facilitate the wonderful healing gift of hypnosis!  Please see below how hypnosis may help you.

More and more doctors - and patients - recognize that mental states and physical well-being are intimately connected. An unhealthy body can lead to an unhealthy mind, and an illness of the mind can trigger or worsen diseases in the body. Fixing a problem in one place, moreover, can often help the other.

When most people think of hypnosis, they picture a mysterious figure swinging a pocket watch and repeating, "You're getting very sleepy." In fact, hypnosis is somewhat of a mystery. But solid science is showing it can improve your health in surprising ways: It's powerful enough to help relieve the often excruciating pain associated with serious burns, for instance, and it can make breathing easier for people with respiratory illnesses.  During the past 200 years,145 physical, emotional and mental conditions have been identified that can be allieviated by hypnosis.  Abandonment, addictions, smoking cessation, childbirth, sadness, migrain headaches, fear of heights, fear of flying, improved immune response,  self confidence, self esteem, writer's block, sleep disorders, past life regression, stuttering, preparing for surgery, recovery after surgery, chronic pain management, worry, study habits, relaxation, and stress management......these a just a few of the 145 ways hypnosis can be applied.  

The most astonishing evidence that hypnosis can heal, comes from research. In a pilot study published in 1999, Harvard University psychologist Carol Ginandes, Ph.D., showed that hypnosis can help broken bones heal faster. In a follow-up experiment published last year, Ginandes and her research team found that women who'd had breast reduction surgery recovered more quickly after undergoing hypnosis. During the sessions, the women were encouraged to think of pain as "sensations of healing" and to visualize their incisions "knitting together rapidly and becoming strong, smooth, and elastic." An independent team of surgeons and nurses later examined the women and reviewed photographs of the incisions that were taken 1 week and 7 weeks after surgery. The group's judgment: Patients who had received hypnosis were farther along the road to recovery. "We're not just talking about people simply feeling better." Ginandes says. "We're talking about structural tissue healing. Hypnosis, our results suggest, can influence the body to heal itself."

No one understands how - yet. Some researchers speculate that hypnosis alters levels of brain chemicals that influence the nervous system, hormone production, and the immune system.  Hypnosis may even affect how particular genes in cells express themselves, turning certain functions on and others off. Current studies using brain scans and other imaging technologies may begin to piece together an explanation.

The bottom line is, even though we do not know exactly how it works, the healing power of hypnosis is real and it can help you.  
"All healing begins in the Mind"
                                                       ~ Dr. Bernie Segal   

Hypnosis is not appropriate for individuals who have been diagnosed with MPD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia and other significant psychiatric illness.