You already know the costs to your physical health that smoking causes, but do you know the costs to your financial health? 

The price for smoking is anywhere from $1,587 to $3,276 per year... Study at Investopedia indicates Canadians spend up to $3,276 per year on smoking... What can that translate to?

  • Going to a nice, 5 star vacation twice a year...
  • Getting an audio system, the one that will have your neighbours complaining...
  • Or just be a savvy money holder - accumulate $103,122 with the standart 3% interest rate.

Can You imagine what $3,276.00 will do for Your Lifestyle?

What makes the hypnotherapy so effective, is the fact that the hypnotherapists work on the reasons why you started smoking at first. Unlike other treatments, this one deals with your thoughts at the subconscious level. Hypnotherapists put clients into a state of deep relaxation, so they can influence the subconscious mind with positive suggestions and eliminate the problem successfully. Even though clients are in trance, they are fully aware of everything that happens around them.

A Completely Different Approach – What makes hypnosis for smoking cessation different from other methods, is actually the different approach this treatment uses. All other smoking cessation methods (nicotine replacement therapy, anti smoking pills) approach the problem physically. Where as hypnosis for smoking cessation treats the problem on a psychological basis. This effective technique addresses the psychological and emotional aspects of this annoying and deadly habit.

Drug-Free Therapy – All other methods use medications and other devices to help clients quit smoking. That’s not the case with hypnosis for smoking cessation. On the contrary, this treatment is natural and doesn’t require medications. There is no need to use harsh medications when you can solve the problem with your own mind. The problem lies in your head. Hypnotherapists go to the roots of the smoking problem, and reprogram your mind. By using positive suggestions, they convince you to stop smoking. 

Fast Results – Compared to other smoking cessation treatments, this one gives fast results. You may use nicotine patches for months and still find it difficult to quit smoking. That’s because you stop smoking temporarily. Hypnosis for smoking cessation includes a set of sessions that usually last for 4 to 8 weeks. During the sessions, a hypnotherapist will free you from this smoking habit by suggesting how bad cigarettes are, how bad they smell and etc. You’ll be amazed how effective this method can be.

GOOD: A single smoking stop smoking session which lasts up to 2 hours.  The session includes smoking cessation education and withdrawal management strategies, a smoking cessation hypnosis session, and a reinforcement and relapse prevention MP3 recording that must be listened to daily for 30 consecutive days.
INVESTMENT:  Zoom Conferencing or Phone sessions are $250.00 CAD

BETTER:  A 4 Week Total Habit Replacement Service. It gently replaces your smoking habit with a positive non-smoking healthy lifestyle.  This program includes 4 weekly one hour stop smoking hypnosis sessions plus smoking cessation education, withdrawal management strategies, and a reinforcement and relapse prevention MP3 recording that must be listened to daily for 30 consecutive days.  This option is best for those who have smoked less than 20 years and have made several serious attempts to quit.
INVESTMENT:  Zoom Conferencing or Phone sessions are $450.00

BEST:  An 8 week Withdrawal Management Service.  This is the best option for people who have smoked for 20 years or more and have made multiple attempts to quit.  This intensive program includes 8 weekly hypnosis sessions, a graduated and gentle smoking withdrawal system plus a reinforcement and relapse prevention MP3 that must be listened to daily for the entire 8 weeks
INVESTMENT:  Zoom Conferencing or Phone sessions are $850.00 CAD.

GROUP SESSIONS:  I offer group sessions occasionally . I can offer a "one and done" smoking cessation group in your home, (a minimum of 5 people are required).  Please inquire. These smoking cessation sessions are approximately 2 hours in length. They include smoking education, withdrawal management strategies, a group smoking session and an MP3 recording for reinforcement and relapse prevention that must be listened to for 30 consecutive days after the session. 
INVESTMENT:  $65 CAD per person in your home.  A minimum of 5 people is required.  For groups of 7 or more the host gets her or his session free.  

Results are not guaranteed and will vary for each client. 
Hypnosis is very effective as a smoking cessation tool.  It definitely works.  However it is not Magic or Mind Control.  
It cannot make people do things against their will.
As any Psychiatrist or Psychologist will tell you, no one can guarantee a person's behaviour, or true motivations.